Guided Tours

Red ochre stained Celtic yellow sandstone head from the ritual healing pool of the Littledean water Shrine 1st century BC or earlier

We offer  guided tours for small parties of no more than 12 people to view the Roman remains.

Our tours  last from 2 hours to 4 hours.



Please contact us to book and payment details.  landline 01594 861835  mobile 07598122008

Unguided viewing can be arranged for parties up to 6 people with exclusive access to the site for a booked 2 hour period. Either 10am to 12 midday or 2pm to 4pm. Picnics allowed, but no dogs, currently no wheelchair access. £10/person minimum charge £20. There may be archaeological or maintenance work in progress. Book by contacting Payments in advance by bank transfer.


Option1.  2 hour Tour of the Roman remains including very short walk to Pleasant Stile viewpoint £20 per person for groups of 3 to 6 people maximum. No charge for children under 13. Sample viewing of heads and artefacts. Minimum charge £40.

Option 2.  4 hour Tour of the Roman remains and panorama, buffet lunch and exclusive viewing of artefacts £40 per person 12 people maximum 3 people minimum

Option 3.  All day Tour including buffet lunch – Roman remains, gloved handling of unique 2,000 to 5,000 year old artefacts, viewing stunning panoramas, experiencing a neolithic/bronze age landscape, hearing extraordinary mythic tales resonating with the archaeological discoveries of Littledean £60 per person 10 people maximum 3 people minimum.

The Littledean site is extraordinary. It has been studied and visited by an academic elite since its discovery in 1984 with a roll call reading like a Who’s Who of British archaeologists.

Professor Barri Jones, one of the great archaeologists of his generation who tragically died in his early 60s, the late Dr Anne Ross, a world authority on the Ancient Celts who spoke both Gaelic and Welsh, Bryn Walters BA, Director of the Association for Archaeology since its inception, recently retired from post, is a specialist in Roman rural architecture, water sanctuaries and villa interpretation, Professor Tony King, is the leading authority on Romano – British religion and has published extensively with titles covering the Roman Empire. Graham Soffe BA, chairman of the Association for Roman Archaeology, has worked with HBMC and English Heritage as a professional archaeologist for 20 years, Anthony Beeson, classical iconographer was Art Librarian at Bristol Central Library from 1972 until his retirement in 2009 and guides tours throughout the Ancient Classical World, Robin Holley, Archaeological Director of the Bath Archaeological Trust and Neolithic expert is the lead excavator, Professor Josh Pollard FSA, a leading Neolithic expert who has been involved in the Stonehenge Riverside Project since 2004, with joint Director Professor Mike Parker – Pearson, who came to Littledean in 2005 for English Heritage, Professor Miranda Aldhouse – Green, the  doyen of the Ancient Celtic World is included in the  “100 major discoveries, developments and inventions”, by academics throughout the UK, to have transformed the world in the last 50 years

Please contact us for further information.  landline 01594861835  mobile 07598122008


This was such a wonderful tour. We are so fortunate to be able to sew together our local history in such a sacred way. There is a continuity of worship stretching back from Roman times, through iron age, bronze age, neolithic and mesolithic. Don Macer-Wright showed us round in such detail that we could enter into a deep experience of the place — it’s siting above the Noose, the astrology facing the Pleides at Midsummer, the full moon. The sacred pools that evolved and developed over perhaps 6000 years, all leaving archeological evidence of the people. I found it entirely moving and extraodinary. It feels like ‘our’ temple. Don likes to think the Romans dedicated it to Sabrina and it absolutely feels like a Goddess shrine. His whole story is fascinating. And he has a pile of artifacts to look at and hold — such as some of the 130 stone heads deposited in the pool in the neolithic for healing ailments. We loved it and we’ll be going back! Rhogini Bee 17th May 2021

Had the most amazing afternoon at Littledean Temple. Don is so lovely and knowledgeable and really explains everything in such a wonderful way, we were truly captivated. It was such a privilege to be able to get up close to the artefacts found, the objects found and the history of the site made for a breathtaking experience. We will definitely be returning! Kelly Burriss 29th May 2021

We had an amazing visit, Don was a great guide, with an awesome enthusiasm to tell us about the site, definitely a place to visit. We are planning to return at least once more this year if not more. Paula Tales. 29th May 2021

Don thank you so much for showing us around the fascinating Roman Temple site. Starting with the view over the horse shoe bend in the Severn gave context to what followed and we were gripped. What you have done and then shared so well with us was an honour to see and hear. Sorry we kept you beyond the allotted time with our questions and guesses – I was worried the kids might drift but it was a struggle to get them away and they haven’t stopped talking about your stories. I would highly recommend for families if only for the chance to literally reconnect with and touch the past. It is a rare thing to be able to connect with people and artifacts from 50 centuries ago. Don breathing life into it all made it exceptional. Felt we only scratched the surface so will be back. Thank you again Don. 5 stars/10 out of 10/100%. Ever grateful – the Bellwoods. 6th June 2021