New trees for a new year.

We are currently in the process of added more trees for our grove.  It was mostly made up of Rowan and Crab Apples until last year when we added some cherries, wild pear and plum trees. This year we are increasing the diversity even more by adding further Crab apple trees but this time of named varieties as well as named apples, pears and plums.  We hope to be underplanting the trees with soft fruit varieties to increase both the productivity and habitat of the area.  All of our produce is shared with nature, we do not net or use any chemicals.

Our native crab apple trees are about 9 years old and we are hoping that this year they will choose to flower and fruit for the first time.  It is wonderful to see the different habits of tree species.  The Rowans have been flowering and fruiting since the second year and now produce a giant crop every autumn.  We did try some Apple and Rowan jelly from the produce which was sharp and sweet at the same time and went well with meats and cheeses.  Definitely one to try if you can – but do leave some berries for the birds!