April showers, May flowers…

What a funny year it has been for the weather, but however it has felt for us it seems to have produced a beautiful affect in our apple orchard, with the blossom being fantastic.

These photos weren’t taken at the absolute peak of the blossom, so we shall leave that to your imaginations.  Enjoy….

Early Victoria Apple blossomClose up of one of the “Early Victoria” apple blossoms

Flowers on one of the young treesFlowers on one of our younger trees

View down one of the rowsLooking down one of the rows of the orchard

Apple FlowersBlossoms on my favourite “Sterling Castle” apple trees

Japanese MapleOur Japanese Maple

Cherry treeThe Cherry tree (the blossom has gone over)

We are looking forward to a great summer, I have noticed that some of the blossom has set on the apple trees so here’s hoping for a good crop too.