Spring Flowers at LittleDean Hall

We are always blessed with the spring flowers in and area LittleDean Hall in Gloucestershire.  Despite the rain and cold this year they are just as lovely, if not more so because of those same reasons.  Amongst others we have Daffodils, wild primroses, wild viola, planted primroses, aconites and windflowers and soon will be the bluebells and the lady’s smock.

Tete a Tete DaffodilsTete a Tete Dafodils.  They look great in a pot and cheer up dull corners

Daffodils and HearteaseThe Heartease are just starting to go over, but this is their second flush.

Native PrimroseOne of many Primroses, this one is a bit sleepy though!

Purple PrimrosesA Single Purple PrimroseThey may not be native but they are so pretty.