Spring is coming?

After having so much snow this little bit of more mild weather has been a relief.  Just the temperature rising that little bit has started the earth stirring.  The snowdrops are out in Newnham and there are daffodils and other spring flowers staring to poke their green heads through the chilly ground to bring cheer to all of us missing their joy.

We had our first strong wind, could hardly be called a gale, the other day which, other than upsetting the plastic moveable greenhouse, just seemed to call into action life even further.  Unfortunately during the snows a few of the smaller branches came off the great Cedar tree, leaving what feels to us a big gapping hole in the canopy, but really just adds to the tree’s gnarly charm.

We hope that our newly planted nut walk will, when it is ready, burst into life and put on a green gown to highlight this future major feature of the lower walled garden.  Until then we continue to chip away at the mountain of work, enjoyable though it is, until spring really hits in and the cutting, pruning and trimming ceases for another year.